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Academics are a main priority at WHS. We find many ways to engage our students and provide them with unique learning experiences. For students looking to further their academic experience outside of the traditional educational experience, we offer many programs. Please read about them below:

AP Courses

Advanced Placement courses are optional credits that can replace certain core class requirements or that students can take in tandem with other required courses. AP courses are for students looking for a greater academic challenge and who want to take a course similar to those they would take in college. AP course also allow a student, if he/she passes the final test, to receive college credit for the course.

All files on this page are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader you will need to download it from It is a free download. 

Do not print any of these in school. If you do it is $.10 per page. If you have any questions please email Mrs. Mosier.

AP History Chapter Summaries & Note Cards
AP History Presidents & Review
Building Trades
Scholastic Bowl
Wilmington E-learning Lab