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High school is a big step in a person’s educational career, so we understand you will have a lot of questions. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions to help save you time, but if you don’t see your question listed, please feel free to call us! You will also find a wealth of information listed in our student handbook (located in the quick links section on the Home page.

Does Wilmington High School allow visitors?

Yes. We require all visitors and guests to register at the WHS office and obtain a pass. We allow parents and/or guardians in the classrooms; however, these visits are for observation and not for discussions/conferences. To schedule a classroom visit, contact the WHS office for permission before interrupting a class. Students must have pre-approval from administration/staff prior to bringing in a visitor to school. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a teacher when he or she can offer individualized attention, please contact the teacher.

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What is the protocol for severe weather days?

In case it becomes necessary to close school due to inclement weather or any other emergency, we will post a message on this website as well as announce it over the following radio stations:

  • Joliet: WJOL - AM 1340 
  • Kankakee: WKAN - AM 1320 
  • Wilmington: WRXQ - FM 100.7 
  • Morris: WCSJ - 95.7 
  • Chicago: WGN - AM 720 

You can also visit for more up-to-date information. We suggest parents and/or guardians listen to one of the above stations rather than call the school. 

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Is transportation available for my child?

Yes. We provide bus transportation for all students living more than 1.5 miles from the school or where a hazardous condition has been identified. We encourage parents and/or guardians to review the bus regulations listed in our student handbook. A well-disciplined, safety-conscious bus rider enhances the safety of all. 

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What does the student fee cover?

WHS has a flat fee of $210 per student. The rental fee covers the use of basic texts, the cost of workbooks, and many incidental items such as drawing paper, etc. We hold pupils and their parents and/or guardians responsible for the loss, undue wear, or damage of books. We will adjust the fees for students entering or dropping during the year. We require outstanding fees or obligations to be paid prior to the receipt of report cards and/or diplomas. We will not provide a refund after the first semester. 

*Students withdrawing from WHS for disciplinary reasons will not receive a refund of fees throughout the school year. 

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What credits does my child need in order to graduate on time?

Students who have completed the approved programs of study and met the 28 credit hour minimum will be eligible for graduation. For more information, please visit our Guidance page.

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