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Through our Fine Arts Department, we offer a variety of opportunities to help encourage our artistic and musical students to strengthen their talents.

Band & Choir

Whether you are interested in vocal or instrumental music, Wilmington High School offers two amazing opportunities through band and choir that allow our students to really define their talents.


Our visual arts program is based on that of a college survey course. We offer the opportunity for our students to work with a wide variety of mediums. 

Each project is designed to progressively build on the knowledge gained from previous projects. Students are informed where various art styles and movements originated, tying in aspects of art history to each project. Not only are the projects designed to teach students a variety of art skills and techniques, but also students are pushed to creatively solve problems and issues that naturally arise with various mediums. 

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.” - Michelangelo

Literary Journal

Wilmington High School Literary Journal, formerly The Written Mind, publishes creative work of Wilmington High School students: fiction, poetry, photography, art, and other creative works. Send all submissions for future editions of this literary magazine to Mr. Will McGee. To view the most recent issue of our students' published work, please see Wilmington High School Literary Journal 2019. To view previous students' published work, please see The Written Mind 2018.

Meet Our Fine Arts Team

Have a question for our fine arts team? We’d be happy to hear from you! Call them at (815) 926-1752.

Mr. Warren Miller
Extension: # 1545
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Mrs. Ellen Georgeff
Instrumental Music/Band
Extension: # 1553
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Mrs. Alyssa Lesch
Extension: # 1554
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